About Mark Gelber, Secretary

Mark has been a Certified Public Accountant [CPA] for 40 years in both New York and Florida.

Mark currently holds an active CPA license in Florida. Mark has experience in financial matters and will assist the Board on those items as they may arise.

Mark has resided in Kensington Glen for 4 years.

Mark is a member of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for three years. Mark is involved with the other members of the ARC and the Board in homeowner changes to the exterior of their homes. A goal of mine of the ARC has been neighborhood appearance which attracts prospective buyers, like me, to acquire a home in Kensington Glen. The appearance of the neighborhood actually was the reason I purchased in Coral Springs and enjoy the two parks when I walk around the community.

Kensington Glen

Coral Ridge Drive at NW 50th St

Coral Springs Drive at Remsberg Dr

Coral Springs, FL 33076

Phone: (561) 417-4100

Email: gpm@grantmgmt.com