About Sandy DeAquino, Secretary
Sandy DeAquino has been a resident of Kensington Glen for 23 years, where she raised her kids until
they went out on their own. Sandy and her husky, “Wolfie”, are a very familiar sight walking through the
community and popular among the neighbors because they stop and chat with others during their ritual
walks. Even prior to her appointment to the Board, Sandy has always allowed members of the
community to bend her ear and express their concerns, desires, and perspective on various community-
related matters. As a result, Sandy is the ideal representative of the people and will serve as their voice
on the board.
For the last several years, Sandy has attended and participated in nearly every board meeting and is
currently also actively serving on the association’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC), which
considers approval of any modification to the exterior of a home. With a background in community
involvement, volunteering, project management (through her career as a social worker), problem solving
and just being a helping hand wherever needed in the community, Sandy is a productive member of the
board of Directors.

Kensington Glen

Coral Ridge Drive at NW 50th St

Coral Springs Drive at Remsberg Dr

Coral Springs, FL 33076

Phone: (561) 417-4100

Email: gpm@grantmgmt.com

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